Acure in Accra

Hello fellow green girls and lovely readers! I am checking in from Accra, Ghana, where I am currently studying abroad. Though I am learning more than I could ever have imagined, most of this illumination is coming from beyond the classroom- where I am interacting with people, tasting food, observing all sorts of cultural practices, […]

Green U Part 3: Storytelling

  My life is a story, your life is a story, and the earth is a story. We’re all simultaneously part of our own stories and each other’s. I’ve been unknowingly learning about the art of storytelling my entire life, but it wasn’t until I took an American English class in the 11th grade that […]

Green U Part 2: The Speakers

  Saturday. My favorite day of all the days. Saturday is the day that all of the nationally and globally-recognized leaders share what they do and what they’ve learned. It’s kind of like TED talks on a more intimate level. After the speeches, finalists gather around tables and discuss what they’ve learned and the questions […]

Green U — Part 1!

  Although the next two weeks of school are my last of the semester with finals threatening me with dirty glances, for the past  few days I’ve been sitting in my Georgia home, celebrating Thanksgiving with my family and trying to remain wrapped in a quilt for as long as possible. I’ve been mixing Chemistry and […]

100-mile Dinner at Epiphany Cafe

I support the Real Food Movement because it promotes a tangible connection between people and their community. Not only does it support the farmers that grow the food, but it sparks conversation, nourishes our bodies, establishes a respect of life and ethical treatment of animals, and it is an expression of stewardship towards the earth’s […]

Curious about Cotton? (you will be now!)

Hello readers, Sitting at home? Great. I want you to take a quick look at several items around you, ones we use everyday. Your bed sheets, your towels, the t-shirt you’re wearing, the denim in your jeans. The paper towels you use to clean up messes and the rounds that remove your makeup. What do […]


October 24: NATIONAL Food Day. It happened. What did you do to celebrate? Students across the nation participated in various Food Day events. From festivals to food drives to dinners, 4,500 events happened yesterday in every single state of this nation. Of course, the Green Girls were certainly involved in this campaign to some capacity. […]

Green is the new Tan

Sunscreen: Protector or Predator? When it comes to sunscreen, most of us often find ourselves more concerned with its SPF strength than the actual ingredients! I mean 120+ must be the most effective, right…? WRONG! Let’s think about this for a second. Our skin is the largest organ in our body, absorbing over 60% of […]

Real Food UMASS Amherst & Real Food Rising 2013

What is real food? What does it even mean to be organic, local, ecologically sound, and humanely raised? Look around your campus dining hall, the cafeteria in your workplace, or the food distributors in your community. Do people have access to nourishing food that’s produced in sustainable ways? More often than not, the answer is […]

A Better Breakfast

Hello fellow foodies (or maybe aspiring foodies or perhaps just readers who eat)! I am excited to write to you today about the delicious breakfast I just created before I head to class, as well as how I got the ingredients and why they matter. Teens Turning Green launched a cool new project, the Conscious […]